The lack of investment delays the inauguration of the tent of Varuma Teatro, scheduled for December

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So far the company has only obtained 30,000 euros from the 650,000 to which the project amounts
The Varuma Teatro Company’s project to create a circus tent in the vicinity of Miraflores Park in Seville, in a land temporarily ceded by the City Council, will not be ready, as planned, for December of this year due to “lack of investment “, because until now the company has only obtained 30,000 euros from the 650,000 to which the project amounts.

The founder of the group, Jorge Barroso ‘Bifu’, has told Europa Press that with regard to economic investment “we are in a bad time” because “we do not receive more public support, and to date we have only obtained 15,000 euros from the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (Inaem), and another 15,000 euros from the Institute of Culture and Arts of Seville (ICAS) on a project of 650,000 euros “.

In addition, “the banks do not grant credits even though the Government gave an economic injection for this purpose, a money that I do not know what has happened to him,” he said. However, he added, “at the moment we are in negotiation with a bank that is studying our case to access a loan of 50,000 euros, but they do not give us more, and this credit is not safe either, it does not seem to be good moment for private sponsorship. “

“They say that we are one of the most emerging companies in Andalusia, with several recognitions and awards, we have had shows that in two years have been represented 160 times, having toured the best national and European festivals, all say that the project of the tent is perfect, both physical persons and the public bodies and colleagues of the union, so what should be done to receive consistent support, “Bifu asks.

In addition, he regrets, “Imbercaria does not have money for this, Merkar does not and Incentive says that it is not an innovative project, when in Spain there are less than 20 circus tents, the Board does not take out the biennial subsidies, the ICAS has not yet taken the investment, and may not take them this year, and Inaem does not know what we are trying to do, while giving grants to rooms that logically having much more opening time than we do not know in their city or the guild itself “

In any case, Bifu has made clear, at the end of December, approximately on the 16th, the 1st Circus Days of Seville will be held, “which we thought we would bring to the elite of the national circus, something impossible at the moment, because we have received the necessary public support for the activity, “he said. Anyway, “those four days, we want the activity to last, will be fun for the public and the artists themselves, and we will note that something important will happen in the immediate future”.

 First Andalusian school of circus

The Artistic Space Tent, which is what will be called this polyvalent enclosure, will host the first higher school of circus in Andalusia, a project that “we will implement for a reason of principles”, Bifu pointed out, “since there is a high school of dramatic art, dance, music, but not the circus “. He also highlighted the “need” to have a legacy of complete artists, both for Andalusia and for the company itself, “because in our region there are no people who perform certain circus disciplines.”

Also, said tent will house the headquarters of Varuma Theater, because “it is necessary to have a constant training and research space, fully approved, that will give us the opportunity to work in a more dignified and comfortable way, and will give more ambition and quality to the future shows of the company, “he says. In addition, “we will complete the cultural proposal of the city, for a discipline, the circus, which is booming and has a demand that grows daily,” he said.

But Varuma Teatro also aims to be a “pioneer” in the promotion of the Andalusian circus, and therefore wants to make this space “a meeting place of the circus world.” As it is a multidisciplinary company “we do not close doors to have spaces that enrich us culturally as for example a recording studio, a library, a photography studio, an editorial, classrooms prepared for dance training, interpretation, a space for the gathering, etc. “, concludes Bifu.