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French Countryside Decor Techniques

French countryside décor is a popular style if you like old-fashioned home décor. Before you work with a French Interior decorator, learn about the simple countryside home décor prevalent in French homes. The style is popular due to the cozy and rustic quality it gives your home without appearing wasteful.

The country-style home décor has soft-colored fabrics, old-fashioned discolored leather seats, family inheritance, and natural things. It also boasts tons of wood and hardwood floors. The homes display a relaxing, casual refinement.

Provincial decor is a typical decoration method. It has deep colors and gilded patterns mixable with the countryside décor. Discover French countryside décor and learn what is required to furnish your countryside home.


A piece of French country furniture is a mix of comfortable cushions and stylish upholstered seats and chairs. The tables are sleek, and the chest of drawers has highlighted arcs and carvings designed by gifted craftsmen. To help you, you can seek out the expertise of an interior design company Cannes

There is a combination of worn-painted furniture pieces. Again, provincial furniture is more formal with embroidery than the countryside seats. That is because they were built in the 18th century for affluent families in the provinces. The maker of those chairs adapted the designs from deluxe flamboyant-style furniture pieces made for monarchs.


The kitchen has a cozy and refined feeling and the cupboard is decorated with carvings. Casual kitchens are furnished with often worn stylish and classic designs.

You often see old vessels containing storeroom objects, unusual wall decors, molded metal cooking wares frames, and many copper cooking utensils. Countryside décor is the opposite of modern French country kitchens, which are stylishly furnished.

Dining Rooms

A French country home dining room includes chandeliers of wood or metallic candlestick holders with bulbs. There is also a delicately varnished wooden dining table with old chairs beside it. The decoration gives you a casual and home outlook.

Hang a curtain made of a lightweight fabric and hang it from the top of the curtain system allowing it to fall on the floor. That curtain that overflows adds a touch of formality to the dining room.

Living Rooms

The French countryside living rooms are painted, burnished, and airy. They don’t have thick dark-colored upholstered furniture. Living rooms have beautifully patterned textiles and glazed furniture.

These class living rooms are welcoming to guests. Use lace draperies on the windows to let in a hint of light, yet give you a bit of secrecy that you require. To create an unusual and natural touch, place a formed cast-iron garden bench with a cushion below the best window.


A French country home bedroom wears a feminine look. It should have a blend of worn yet stylish delightful old components. Place a little crystal chandelier on the ceiling, and add sheets of soft lace-like bedclothes and curtains. The bedpost is made of wood or old metal. Position an old iron garden bench at the beginning of the bed in a corner for sitting. The bedroom should also have painted traditional dressers and antique cupboards.


Similar to the bedroom, a French countryside home bathroom wears a feminine look and decor. It usually comes furnished with toilet paper, a little chandelier, and a wall candleholder. The mirror is framed and gilded around it with some sculptures, plus an oldfreestanding bathtub. Put all the accessories together and have a fully furnished countryside bathroom. If you want a bathroom to be more casual, include a cast-iron towel framework or fabric shelf.